Year 6 Have Fun in Littlehampton!

Year 6 had a great time on their residential trip to Littlehampton. They stayed at the YHA Hostel for two nights and loved playing on the beach, visiting the amusement park and lots of other fun activities. Lydia writes:

When we arrived, we left our luggage at the hostel and took our sandwiches to the Green and ate our lunch at picnic tables. After this, we went to the beach to relax for a while before heading back to the hostel to unpack. Then, we enjoyed an ice cream as we walked back to the beach, where we had an awesome sandcastle building competition which lasted all afternoon and the judging took place after dinner (fish and chips on the beach)!

Lydia, Imaan A, Aditi and Elise C dug an outdoor swimming pool; Nikita, Hawwa and Alisha made three castles from a Roman myth, which Nikita retold brilliantly; Advika, Amanah, Lola and Akshi created the Lost City of Atlantis; Rachelle, Erin, Iman F and Riya created a water park; but Chloe, Elyse, Rishi, Aashita, Grace and Ellie won by creating a mermaid, with seaweed hair, out of sand!

The next day, we had a fantastic tour of the RNLI coastguard where we saw the equipment and the outfits they had to wear. It was really interesting. The lifeguard boats were huge!

We then made our way to the Harbour Park, where we got soaked on the log ride, spun round and round on the whirlpool, tried the Dolphin Lead, the Rollercoaster, the Octopus Ride, the Jellyfish Swings, the Dodgems the Whale Ride, and heaps of other fun rides!

After this, we went back to the café next to our hostel for lunch – which was delicious – before heading to the gift shop where we bought souvenirs. Then we arrived at Buccaneer Bay, the crazy golf course, where Hawwa won with a score of 29 and Lydia ‘won backwards’ with 113!

That evening, when we got back to the hostel, we held a surprise party for Alisha and Nikita, whose birthdays were on Saturday. We had pizza and cake, and then Mrs McMullen organised a craft activity! We all painted wooden beach huts and now we are back at Prep we will decorate them.

On our final day, we all got an ice cream as we walked to the beach, which was really satisfying as there was a heat wave. We went to the beach for the last time and had a hole digging competition. But as soon as the teachers were about to judge, the tide started to come in really fast so we returned to the promenade and watched our holes get submerged in water.

After this, we went back to the café to have brunch before getting on the minibus and falling asleep! Everyone really enjoyed the trip and made some fantastic memories.