Year 6 Trip to Go Ape Battersea Park

I found the trip very exciting and thrilling because I did lots of different challenges that I would not have done normally. My favourite part was when we whizzed down the exhilarating zip wire, although I was a bit afraid at first. What I thought was hard was when I had to clip myself onto the safety line that secured me onto the relay, but in the end I got there, because all my classmates cheered me on. There was a second part, but because of my height, I could not do it as I was too short. Instead, Charlotte, Leah, Nikhita, Sariah and I stayed on the ground and did something just as fun, Gorilla Games! These were games where we used logic, communication, teamwork and collaboration.

Ellis May, 6J

We had a lovely and fun experience at Go-Ape in Battersea Park. I really enjoyed it although as the levels got higher, I felt like my harness wasn’t going to hold my weight. You have that moment of panic when the wind goes by and you wonder what’s going to happen! There were two times when most of my friends and I got stuck and found it very challenging. Firstly, when we had to cross an obstacle made of loose ropes which kept on swaying in the wind and secondly, when we had to walk across these thin planks of wood which were rocking too and fro as we walked across them. I went inside an obstacle called Fisherman’s Cage and I got all the way up, but then I had to go all the way back down because I had forgotten to bring my trolley up with me.

In conclusion, I think that we all found this a wonderful place to go to.

Riya, 6J

On the trip to Go-Ape we did many interesting things such as going through tunnels and zip-lines. I found the higher course harder, mostly because it was so high in the air. You also had to have long legs to do it. There was one that everyone found challenging; these were Alice, Chloe, Emma, Riya, Rosie, Rhianna and Mrs Evangeli but it was amazing when we actually finished the course!

Alice, 6J