Years 1-6 Sports Day

Years 1-6 Sports Day

Following on from the success of EYFS’s sports day, Friday saw Years 1-6 compete in three rounds of competitions to earn points for their countries.

The day began with an opening ceremony which featured a parade of teams, colourful banners, and enthusiastic cheers. Pupils then showcased their athletic prowess across various team challenge events, including forward rolls, shuttle relays and beat the teacher.  As if that wasn’t enough, pupils then competed in three rounds of fitness challenges with more skipping and burpees.

The finale included an intense 100-meter, pupil sprint that saw record-breaking performances, followed by a thrilling tug-o-war match between teams of enthusiastic parents. The highlight was surely the mighty showdown between the two teacher-led teams of Pumas and Bob Cats that kept spectators on the edge of their seats! Congratulations to the Pumas on their triumphant win!

Parents, teachers, and pupils thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the competitions and relay races, which emphasised the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship that Old Palace stands for. The day concluded with an awards ceremony, where top performers were awarded medals and trophies, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. A family picnic on the field where we were all able to toast the success of a fabulous day seemed a fitting end. Girls, parents and staff you were amazing and I can honestly say that in my 20 years of sports days at Old Palace – Sports day 2024 was the best ever! Thank you. Mrs Coster

1 Bulgaria

2 Aruba

3 Grenada

4 Venezuela

5 Serbia

6 Costa Rica

7  Latvia




1 Anaya

2 Sion

3 Arielle


Years 4 & 5

1 Nia

2 Charlotte M

3 Margot

Year 6

1 Olivia a

2 Paavana

3 Maya